UAE Work Visa: Has UAE Suspended Labor Visas for Pakistani Workers 2024?

As of 2024, the current status of the UAE’s work visa policy for Pakistani workers is marked by confusion, with conflicting statements from various authorities. Reports suggest a potential suspension of labor visas, particularly for unskilled workers, adding to the uncertainty surrounding this matter.

The conflicting information poses challenges for Pakistani workers intending to find employment in the UAE, a significant destination for expatriates from Pakistan. The lack of clarity in the visa policy may impact many individuals and their families.

UAE Work Visa

Given the conflicting reports, individuals seeking job opportunities in the UAE are advised to rely on official and reliable sources. These include checking with the UAE embassy or consulate, as well as consulting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan. Despite assertions from some HR professionals and recruiters about a ban, it is essential to stay updated on the latest announcements from both Pakistani and UAE authorities.

Has UAE suspended labor visas for Pakistani Workers in 2024?

As of the beginning of 2024, a clear resolution to the conflicting reports and statements regarding the UAE’s work visa policy for Pakistani workers has not emerged. Contrary to assertions from some HR and recruiters about a ban, the situation remains uncertain. Therefore, potential job seekers and the wider community are encouraged to seek the most current and official information from reliable sources.

When we dug deeper we discussed it with the CEO of IECS Consultant a leading and one of the leading immigration consultant firms based with offices in Dubai, Pakistan Australia, and Canada and they deal with multiple visa stream issues A clear explanation has been provided by The CEO of IECS Consultant which makes complete sense and here it is.

In recent developments, it has been reported that the UAE government has temporarily halted the issuance of ‘work visas‘ for Pakistani and Indian nationals, even for those who manage to secure job opportunities in the country. The standard process involves obtaining a relatively expensive ‘job-search-visit-visa’ for 60 days, allowing individuals, including fresh graduates or those with 3 to 10 years of work experience, to explore employment opportunities in the UAE.

Despite the financial investments made by these job-seekers, it has become increasingly challenging for individuals without high-level references in the UAE to secure decent employment within the limited timeframe of 60 days.

UAE Work Visa News Today

Interestingly, the UAE continues to issue ‘job-search-visit-visas‘ to Pakistanis and Indians, despite an apparent ban on ‘work visas’ for these nationalities. The reason circulating within UAE companies and recruiting agencies, reportedly attributed to UAE authorities, suggests a newfound awareness of dishonesty and discrimination in hiring practices. Allegedly, HR Managers and hiring managers have been favoring candidates based on their nationalities, creating a polarized work environment in many companies.

This revelation, though a practice observed for over 30 years, has prompted the UAE authorities to take action. There are indications that a new law is in the drafting stage, which, once implemented, aims to regulate hiring practices in the UAE. This prospective law might include specific ratios or percentages for nationality-based distribution in hiring. Until the law is finalized and announced, the issuance of ‘UAE work visas‘ for Pakistani and Indian nationals remains on hold, with the timeframe for resolution currently unknown. This situation raises questions about the professionalism and integrity of HR departments, particularly HR Managers and Directors, and other hiring managers in the UAE, who are alleged to have engaged in non-merit-based hiring practices for an extended period.

So before applying for a Visit visa for two months if you don’t have a minimum graduate degree which is verified by HEC avoid going for job hunting especially from Pakistan until there is an official announcement.

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