Emirates ID Tracking: How to Track Your ID Status UAE

Emirates ID is an important document in the United Arab Emirates that serves as a national ID card for citizens and residents. It contains essential personal information such as your name, date of birth, and residency status. Keeping your Emirates ID up-to-date is crucial for various purposes, such as opening bank accounts, obtaining visas, etc.

If you have applied for a new Emirates ID or need to renew your existing one, how can you track the Emirates status of your application to ensure it is being processed promptly? Fortunately, the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) provides an online tracking system that allows you to check Emirates ID status applications.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of using the Emirates ID tracking system, including how to check your EID status online and what to do if your application is delayed or rejected.

How to Track My Emirates ID Status?

  • Go to the official UAE government website.
  • Look for the “Check Application Status” section.
  • Enter your PRAN or Emirates ID number.
  • Click the “Check” button.
  • Your Emirates ID status will be displayed on the screen.

It’s important to remember to track my Emirates ID status so that if you don’t receive a report after checking your status, you should contact customer service for further assistance. 

How to eid tracking? Tracking your Emirates ID status is a simple process that can be completed in just a few easy steps, and it’s designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

Emirates ID Card Tracking – Try the Form to Track Emirates ID

Try out our form to check and track Emirates ID status online:

Emirates ID Status Checker

Emirates ID Status Checker

Once you have checked your Emirates ID status, it’s important to note that it may take up to 24 or 48 hours for the information to be updated. If you have yet to receive a report on the status of your Emirates ID after this period, we recommend contacting customer service for further assistance. 

Emirates ID Card Tracking

It’s always best to be patient when waiting for updates on your Emirates ID status, as the process can sometimes take some time to complete. If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to contact customer service for help.

How to Check Your Emirates ID Status Online

Checking your Emirates ID status online is a quick and easy process. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Visit the Emirates ID website

To track the status of your Emirates ID, you first need to visit the official EIDA website. 

Enter your details

Once you’re on the Emirates ID application tracking, you’ll need to enter your application number, which you can find on the application form or your Emirates ID card. You’ll also need to enter your date of birth and the CAPTCHA code provided on the page.

How to Check Your Emirates ID Status Online

Check your status

After entering your details, click on the “Track” button. The page will display your Emirates ID status tracking, including if it is still being processed, approved, or rejected.

What to Do If Your Application Is Delayed or Rejected

If your Emirates ID application is delayed or rejected, don’t panic. There are several reasons why this might happen, such as incomplete application forms, incorrect or missing documents, or issues with biometric data.

Here’s what you should do:

Contact EIDA

If your application takes longer than usual or has been rejected, contact the EIDA customer service center at 6005-30003 or email [email protected]. They will be able to provide you with more information about the status of your application and any issues that may need to be addressed.

Check Your Application Form

Double-check your EID application form to ensure that all information is correct and complete. Ensure that you have included all the required valid and up-to-date documents.

Resubmit Your Application

You may need to resubmit your application with the correct information and documents if it has been rejected. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully and provide all the necessary information.

You can also monitor and verify the status of your Qatar visa check application.

How to Get Emirates ID? Procedures to Apply!

Emirates ID tracking online is necessary for anyone residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If you’re new to the UAE or need to renew your Emirates ID, you might wonder about the following procedures.

Don’t worry; here we discuss, how to get an Emirates ID online.

1. Apply for an Emirates Online

The first thing you need to do is to apply for an Emirates ID online. This is a faster and more convenient option than visiting a government office in person. 

2. Check for Medical Examination

Now, you’ll need to create an application for your Emirates ID. This can be done in any of the Federal Identity and Immigration Authority’s offices, often conveniently located near Preventive Medicine Centres. 

3. Create an Application for Emirates ID

During the application process, your eye and fingerprint scans will be taken for biometric data that will be kept in the authorities’ system.

How to Get Emirates ID

4. Visa Stamping in Your Passport

Your residency is completed by getting your visa stamped in your passport. Most Emirates visas are valid for three years, but some free zones and the Mainland allow for a two-year residence permit as an employee. The validity of your Emirates ID card will depend on the validity of your Emirates visa.

Once you complete all these steps, your new Emirates ID card will be ready within ten days! 

Congratulations on becoming a UAE resident, and make sure to keep your Emirates ID card safe and with you at all times. If you need more information about the process, please check out Emirates ID UAE information.

What is the Price for Identification? – Price and Validity Information

In the United Arab Emirates, the Emirates ID serves as a national identification card for citizens and residents. It contains important personal information such as your date of birth, name, and residency status. 

If you are applying for a new Emirates ID or renewing an existing one, you may be wondering about the price and validity of the card. In this article, we will provide you with the most up-to-date information on the pricing and validity of Emirates ID cards.

1 Year Validity170 AED
2 Years Validity270 AED
3 Years Validity370 AED

Validity of Emirates ID Cards

Emirates ID cards have different validity periods depending on your residency status. For UAE citizens, the Emirates ID is valid for five years, while for residents, it is valid for two or three years, depending on the type of residency visa. 

The age of the cardholder also determines the validity period. For example, children under the age of 15 are issued Emirates IDs valid for two years, while adults aged 15 or older receive cards valid for three years.
It is important to note that the validity of the Emirates ID is linked to the validity of the residency visa.

Therefore, if your residency visa expires, your Emirates ID card will also expire and need to be renewed.

Pricing of Emirates ID Cards

The pricing of Emirates ID cards varies depending on the type of application and the duration of the card. 

Here is a breakdown of the current pricing for Emirates ID cards:

Application TypeCard DurationPrice (AED)
New Application5 years (Citizens)170 
New Application2 years (Residents)270
New Application3 years (Residents)370 
Renewal5 years (Citizens)270
Renewal2 years (Residents)170
Renewal3 years (Residents)150

As you can see from the chart above, the pricing of Emirates ID cards is the same for both new applications and renewals. The card’s price is determined by its duration and is the same for both citizens and residents.

It is important to note that additional fees may apply if you require expedited processing or delivery of your Emirates ID card. You can find more information about these fees on the official website of the Emirates Identity Authority.


You can check the status of your application by using the «ID Card Status» service offered by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security – ICP. All you need to do is enter your Application Number (PRAN) or Emirates ID Number for Renewal/Replacement Applications. https://icp.gov.ae/en/services/priority-services/

If you need to apply for a new Emirates ID card, you can do so on the ICP website or at an accredited typing center. Remember that you may need to visit an ICP service center to provide your biometric details.

Don’t stress too much about the process – with patience and attention to detail, you’ll have your new Emirates ID card in no time!