Does NOL Card Work in Abu Dhabi?

Does NOL card work in Abu Dhabi? The NOL Card, a popular payment card for public transportation in Dubai, is not valid in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has its own distinct public transportation system called “Hafilat,” which operates independently from Dubai’s infrastructure. Therefore, if you’re planning to travel within the capital of the United Arab Emirates, you won’t be able to use your NOL Card for fares on Abu Dhabi’s buses, trams, or ferries.

To navigate Abu Dhabi’s transportation network seamlessly, you should obtain and use the Hafilat card or pay for your journeys through alternative methods like cash or mobile payment options!

Does NOL Card Work in Abu Dhabi

The Nol Card monthly pass is your all-access to the seamless public transportation system in Dubai. You can use your NOL smart card to simplify your travel experience with a single tap, allowing you to effortlessly pay for various RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) transport modes in the city.

Whether you’re hopping on the Dubai Metro, buses, Dubai Tram, or utilizing marine transport like Water Buses, the Nol Card has got you covered. Plus, it’s not just for transportation; you can also use the Nol Card to conveniently pay for RTA’s Paid Parking services. It’s your key to hassle-free and cashless travel throughout the vibrant city of Dubai.

Does NOL Card Work in Abu Dhabi Sharjah Airport?

The NOL Card, commonly used for public transportation in Dubai, is not accepted at Abu Dhabi or Sharjah airports. Travelers heading to these airports should prepare alternative forms of payment for transportation and other services, as the NOL Card’s usage is limited to the Dubai region.

What is the NOL Card

However, the NOL card allows users to pay for various modes of public transportation within the emirate, making it an integral part of a commuter’s daily routine.

The NOL services covers:

  • Dubai Metro
  • Dubai Tram
  • Buses
  • Water buses
  • Paid parking zones
  • Even some taxis.

These cards come in various forms and packages, catering to different needs, including daily commutes, occasional trips, or special concessions.

Can I Use the Nol Card in Abu Dhabi?

While the Nol card is a popular and versatile tool for commuters in Dubai, its usability in Abu Dhabi comes with specific constraints. If you travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi via intercity buses, your Nol card will seamlessly cover your fare.

However, the Nol card falls short once you’re within Abu Dhabi’s city limits and aim to utilize the local public transport. Instead, Abu Dhabi’s transportation system relies on the Hafilat Smart Card. This distinct method ensures that both cities have advanced transportation payment systems and remain unique to their respective infrastructures.

Nol Card Usage in Abu Dhabi – Quick Extract for You!

  • Nol Card in Abu Dhabi – Yes, but with limitations.
  • Intercity Buses – You can use the Nol card to pay for your fare on buses from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.
  • Abu Dhabi Public Transport – Nol cards are NOT valid for Abu Dhabi’s local public transport.
  • Alternative in Abu Dhabi For the local transport system in Abu Dhabi, you’ll need a Hafilat Smart Card.

Can the NOL Card be Used Outside of Dubai?

The simple answer is no. However, the NOL Card is exclusive to Dubai and its public transport services.

The NOL Card will not be valid for public transportation or services if you travel to other Emirates, such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or Ras Al Khaimah.

Why isn’t the NOL Card Valid Outside Dubai?

Each Emirate in the UAE manages its transportation infrastructure independently. While there might be collaboration and coordination among them, the systems, including payment methods, are distinct.

Abu Dhabi, for instance, has a payment system for its bus services. Sharjah, too has a separate mode of payment for its buses. Therefore, while the NOL Card is an innovative solution for Dubai, it is not a unified payment system for the entire UAE.

Is Abu Dhabi Public Transport Free?

Public transport in Abu Dhabi is not entirely free; most bus rides have a fare of AED 2. When boarding the bus, passengers can deposit AED 2 into the collection box situated near the driver. However, Abu Dhabi offers a compassionate approach to certain sections of its community.

Specifically, individuals with disabilities and senior citizens aged 60 and above are exempted from these charges and can use the buses for free. This initiative ensures that mobility remains accessible to all residents, regardless of age or ability.

Is NOL Card Refundable?

Yes, the Nol card is refundable under certain conditions. If you have a valid and functioning Nol card, you can approach any Ticket Office Machine to request card cancellation and obtain a refund.

The process is made convenient by offering immediate refunds at the station itself. However, there’s a stipulation to this: the refund is only issued if the remaining balance on the Nol card does not exceed 100 AED.

Therefore, it’s essential to be aware of these specifics to ensure a smooth and hassle-free refund process.


In conclusion, while the Nol Card seamlessly facilitates travel within the vibrant streets of Dubai, it’s essential to note that its effectiveness does not extend to Abu Dhabi. In the capital, the Hafilat Smart Card takes the reins, offering a parallel convenience for commuters. So, the next time you find yourself exploring the diverse landscapes of the United Arab Emirates, remember: Does NOL Card Work in Abu Dhabi? The answer directs you towards the right card for a smooth and efficient journey in each emirate.


Can I Top Up My NOL Card in Abu Dhabi?

Topping up the NOL Card is typically restricted to Dubai’s network. To add credit for transportation in Abu Dhabi, it is advisable to use the Hafilat Smart Card or other applicable methods.

Are there Plans for a Unified Transportation Card Across the Emirates?

Currently, there is no unified card for public transportation across all emirates. Each emirate has its smart card system, such as the NOL Card in Dubai and the Hafilat Smart Card in Abu Dhabi.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Hafilat Smart Card in Abu Dhabi?

The Hafilat Smart Card offers similar benefits to the NOL Card, providing a convenient and cashless way to pay for various modes of transportation within Abu Dhabi.

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